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Tammy Schamuhn

Institute of Child Psychology
I am a Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor, Speaker, and Educator. I am the Co-Founder of the Institute of Child Psychology and Founder and Executive Director of Family Counselling Centres, based out of Leduc and Edmonton.I have been working in private practice for the past seven years in Alberta, primarily with children and their families. I offer clinical supervision to masters-level counselling students, and provisional psychologists. I also include animals in my therapy and have developed a canine assisted and equine assisted therapy programs. While I am a practicing clinician, I am also an educator. I facilitate trainings and keynotes internationally based on topics pertaining to children’s mental health. I also have a Bachelors of Education from the University of Alberta, and practiced as an elementary teacher in Edmonton before going on to complete my Masters degree in Psychology. My trainings and keynotes are presented through my company, The Institute of Child Psychology. This organization was founded to educate parents and professionals on issues pertaining to children’s mental health, and to promote the psychological and emotional well-being of children and adolescents. We understand there are thousands of books and websites regarding children’s mental health and parenting; this can be overwhelming for parents and professionals alike. What we have done is sifted through volumes of information and pulled only the most current, relevant, evidence-based, and neurobiologically informed practices. We then synthesized and simplified this information to make it intellectually “digestible” for our clients and attendees in order to help them better understand children who are struggling; thus, allowing them to make immediate and effective changes in the home, office, or classroom. ICP offers workshops, webinars, corporate trainings, and professional consultations. Our mission is to empower caregivers (i.e., parents, teachers, therapists, social workers, psychologists) by giving them pertinent insights, skills, and tools necessary to help children thrive. We utilize an attachment lens; meaning we believe that the source of most children’s difficulties lie with-in the context of their relationships with their attachment figures.I approach my clinical and consultative work with parents and professionals with an attachment and neurobiolgical lens: all of my work is based on the neurology of the brain and how attachment is integral to adaptive functioning of both children and adults. I am a passionate, empathetic, and experienced clinician here for my community to help children, teens, and adults heal and grow. I aim to have warm, respectful, and productive relationships with the clients I collaborate with, and I enjoy being part of the positive change that families experience.