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Kristy Russ

Kristy Russ is the Maverick Pharmacist Functional Medicine Health Coach with over 2 decades of experience in helping people both improve and preserve their health. She is also certified with Additional Prescribing Authority, Authorization to Administer Injections and Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement therapy. Her experience and expertise is focused on nutrition and functional medicine, which is discovering the underlying cause of your health issue and fixing that, rather than the bandaid solution that modern medicine has become. After years of watching her pharmacy clients suffer, she used her expertise to research a better solution. Kristy’s goal is to make her work as a pharmacist obsolete by empowering people to take control of their health. She does this by emphasizing realistic changes that everyone can make as well as working individually with clients to tailor recommendations to their specific needs. Her knowledge and abilities as a pharmacist are valuable tools in accomplishing significant results. Kristy’s other passions include playing competitive basketball and raising her two amazing teenage children (who of course know so much more than her about everything, so perhaps you should seek their advice instead).