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My name is Jacquie Ganton and I have been an educator in Alberta for over a decade. I am also a mother of four school aged children (ages 5-11). My time as an educator has been spent both in the traditional classroom as well as in both distance and outreach education. As such, I\'ve been able to interact with families from all over the province, in a wide cross-section of grades, courses and situations. As a teacher I was competent and successful and was able to engage and motivate my students passionately. Unfortunately, when I became a parent, I struggled to know how to support my own children as students. Although my role in the classroom was clearly delineated, my role as a parent was not. I also found that resources and support in defining this role were not readily available. In an effort to determine how I could best support my own kids, I began to research and speak with professionals in education, but also in developmental sciences, children\'s mental health and counselling psychology. I began working closely with the professionals from Family Counselling Centres of Leduc as well as the Institute of Child Psychology and created Evolve Education Consulting, with the aim of providing resources, support and empowerment of parents raising students and struggling to navigate the educational system. Using current research in child development and educational psychology as well as anecdotal resources (story and humour), we help parents to better understand the vital role they play in a child\'s education. In addition, we work with teachers and educational professionals to help them better understand the struggles parents face, as well as how to advise parents of their role in their child\'s education. Teachers are often incredibly competent and successful in engaging students in their classrooms, but when students struggle and parents wonder what they can do to foster motivation, skill development, positive behaviour changes or engagement, teachers feel ill-equipped to give meaningful or productive solutions. Often times a \"more of the same\" philosophy is applied (with parents being advised to do more of what the teacher is doing) and this can lead to conflict at home and further disengagement. Leaning on research-based developmental psychology and the understanding that a parent\'s role is in fact very different from that of a teacher, coach, counsellor or tutor, we help teachers understand how to both advise and empower the parents of their students. By providing our teachers with a road map both for communicating with and advising parents, we foster relationship between everyone involved in a child\'s education and improve the chances that students find success.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, February 20