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Social Studies [clear filter]
Thursday, February 20


The Thirty Years War (1989-2019)… the Bush 2, Obama and Trump years
This session describes the New Cold War (NCW) in Realist terms and rejects the need to invoke Divine Inspiration (see Bush/God) or Humanitarian Intervention (Albright). The NCW continues US policy signed in1950 in NSC-68 (Chomsky), i.e. containment of Russia and China and procurement of resources and wealth. The Panama Invasion set the stage for the NCW, overt aggression with little international condemnation. Clinton enlarged NATO into the former Warsaw Pact (Mearsheimer, Mackinder, Spykman), led NATO in its first war i.e. The Balkans, deposed a too independent France from Rwanda (Boutris Gali), gained access for Anglo/Can/US corporations in the Congo Wars and reduced the economic / political / military power of Iraq and Russia with minimal ground forces and cost. For references : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t002GqSLqS8W06POxGFky16GfBnMlQCgQFIhqDULn0/edit


Greg Hunter

Teacher, EPSB
Greg Hunter taught Science in Alberta for 30 years. His talks promote a more scientific approach to understanding and teaching History; that is one with a regard for Evidence and Reason and a vigilance against Dogma and Bias. “What I particularly enjoyed was that this session not... Read More →

Thursday February 20, 2020 2:15pm - 3:30pm
GWH 173