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Friday, February 21


The Importance of a Strong Foundation: Revisiting your mission, vision, values and commitments to ensure a climate for collaborative response. 2600Amber Hester Central Alberta sexual assault support Center GWH 177Dianne Macaulay Natural Soap Making Beginner Demo 1436FULLDee Stokoe Your Partner in Young Worker Injury Prevention 2303Sara Rooseboom Puppet Projects for Young Learners - Developing Expressive Language & Self-Expression Hands on Workshop for Div 1 teachers 2205Wendy Passmore-Godfrey What Great Teachers Do Differently GW Harris Performance GymTodd Whitaker “ Personal Climate and Culture … It’s Up to You” Art Centre Mainstage-117Gerry Brooks Your Pension Matters 2501Linda Lau Oil Pastels- endless possibilities 2402FULLChristina Dixon Stress, Drugs and Rock n' Roll 1439Ariel Haubrich What If Everything You Knew About Concussion Is Wrong 1600Michael Heinzlmeir Let’s Talk About Identity, Power and Privilege 2905Jennifer Smith Making Sense of Child-Brain Development: Interpersonal Neurobiology Made Easy 2602Tania Johnson PRISM—Professionals Respecting Individual Sexual and Gender Minorities 2503Jessica Scalzo An Educator's Role in Preventing Discrimination and Radicalization that can Lead to Violence 2901 BDeirdre Ashenhurst Full Circle: Understanding Social Implications of Indigenous Realities 2901 ACindy Sogge-Schurek Where in the World - Incorporating Global Voices in Your Classroom 1435Sarah Flynn Reading Comprehension Success! Grades 7 to 9 1328Brigitta Goerres Tell Me a Story GWH 208Kathy Jessup Living a Great Story 2301Robin Pawlak Big Beautiful Math Problems 2505Michelle Wotherspoon Physically Active Numeracy: Add Sum Fun AC 148-Studio CJohn Byl Rockin’ Rhythms: Fun Games & Activities to Teach and Assess Rhythm 1408Joyce Holoboff 15 Games to Address Challenging Needs 1503Vincent Mireu Social Studies and Data Analysis 2401David Hay Religion needs a Lab 1437Mike Landry The Courage To Believe (with Religious Aspect) GWH 173Amanda Oling The Science Pawdcast 2305Jason Zackowski Fry Jacks For Breakfast 1501-Cornstone KitchenFULLNancy Lindley The Art of Bread Making Notre Dame Room-1515-Foods LabFULLJeff Lerouge • Richard Toll BECOMING A TRAUMA INFORMED EDUCATOR 2601Tammy Schamuhn Tipi Teachings and Balanced Living 1303Phillip Campiou How to Build a Better Mousetrap! 2404Launa Clark How to Implement an Effective Physics 20/30 Lab Program in Your School 2906Kristian Basaraba Engine Lathe 2 Hunting Hills-Fabrication RoomLIMITEDMike Owens Winter Activity Day - Facilitation Skills for Outdoors and Classrooms 5-39317, Range Rd 24, Lacombe County, AB T4E 2R7FILLINGPaul Kopjar


The Power of Voice – Unleashing the Potential of the Collective GWH 162Shelley Magnusson When Students Get in Trouble—Alternatives to Consider 2501Chris Good Congo for the Taking… (Part 2) ‘Independence’ to The Congo Wars GWH 161Greg Hunter Your Time is Precious - The Importance of Formative Assessment 2600Meghan Greene Unsticking the Stuck: Career Counselling With Meaning 1503Vincent Mireu Improving Student Behaviour Art Centre Mainstage-117Todd Whitaker “ Personal Climate and Culture … It’s Up to You” GW Harris Performance GymGerry Brooks Life After Teaching: Living the Dream 2301Robin Pawlak Teachers Talking about Teaching - Book Club 2505Michelle Wotherspoon Youth Anxiety Epidemic; How Schools Can Prevent Lifelong Suffering 1400 MP TheatreWade Sorochan Monochromatic Projects 2402FILLINGChristina Dixon Integrating Creativity and Ingenuity into Teaching 2905Shannon Gallant The precious, playful and puzzling world of Pre-K 1435Bryony Brown The Highly Sensitive Child 2602Tania Johnson Gender Identity GWH 173Rin Lawarence Indigenous Ways of Knowing 2901ABrian St Germain Challenging Our Story of Canada Timeline 2303Chelsa Burke Reading Comprehension Success! Grades 10-12 1328Brigitta Goerres Write On! GWH 208Kathy Jessup Education for the Real World 2305Leila Pullum Teaching Math and Science with Data Science and Computational Thinking 2401David Hay Open Rehearsal with the Central Alberta Junior Honour Band AC147 Studio BKimberley Dennis Dance Around the World: Super Fun Folk Dances 1408Joyce Holoboff Warmed Up and Ready to Go AC 148-Studio CJohn Byl Science 101: An Adventure in Science for Teachers who Struggle with the Curriculum for DIVISION 1 2901 BEd Kusmirski • Alberta Science Network Putting Primary Sources to Work: Historica Canada’s Educational Resources 1600David Gallant Let the ideas fly! Bird Puppets Inspire - from math to music! 2205Wendy Passmore-Godfrey Fear not the Zombie Apocalypse 1437Mike Landry An Apple A Day: How technology & the Internet affect Health & Wellness 1439Ariel Haubrich Electrify Learning! 2503Trisha Roffey Teaching and Building Electric Vehicles- STEM Activities GWH 167Christine Avey


The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children GWH162Shelley Magnusson What is the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre? 2305Mark Jones Growing Up Professional 1437Monique Gravel Helping Stressed Out Overachievers 1503Vincent Mireu Working With Parents to Support Student Success 2905Chris Good Activism Through Art: Three Projects to Engage Students in Social Change Using Skateboards, Protest music and Street Art. 2906Kristian Basaraba Classroom Formative Assessment Techniques 2505Tyler Buchan 5 Simple Secrets You Don’t Know About Health That Can Help You Start Loving Your Life Again MP Theatre-1400Kristy Russ The Dark of Days of July 1600Brett Gardiner UNSOCIAL MEDIA; Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety 2501Wade Sorochan Mini canvases mixed media 2402FILLINGChristina Dixon Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury 1439Ariel Haubrich Childhood Trauma & The Healing Power of Connection 2601Tammy Schamuhn Stress is a Habit - Let's Make it a Good One 2600Victoria Smith ADHD AND TEENS 2602Tania Johnson Safe Spaces & Healthy Boundaries GWH 173Rin Lawarence Indigenous Alberta: The Footsteps of our Ancestors 2901ACindy Sogge-Schurek Cooperative Gaming in Language Arts GWH 208Michael Saretzky First we Understand: Using Visual Algebra and TrigOrigami, for instance… 2302Gerry Varty Data Science in Elementary School 2401David Hay Benefits of Smashball and Tripleball 1002 (Main Gym)Jeff Anderson Science 101: An Adventure in Science for Teachers who Struggle with the Curriculum for DIVISION 2 2901 BEd Kusmirski • Alberta Science Network Goal Up - Activating the SDGs in your Classroom 1435Sarah Flynn Superhero Play and Beyond 2404Launa Clark Tate Wetu (Our Father) GWH161Garth Prinsonsky Growing in Holiness 1408David Bouchard Creating a Technology-Infused Classroom 1328Tom Stones Explore, Create and Play! (Free, engaging, hands-on tools for your classroom) 2006F MakerspaceChris Gonsalvez Me Screen! 2503Trisha Roffey Expanding Energy Storage STEM Activity GWH 167Christine Avey Hands-On Puppet Workshop for Teacher Self-Care and Mental Wellness 2205Wendy Passmore-Godfrey Basic Butchery Notre Dame Room-1515-Foods LabFULLJeff Lerouge • Richard Toll Sweets Treats Across the Globe 1501-Cornstone KitchenFULLNancy Lindley Strategies to support Culturally Linguistically Diverse Students GWH 177Angela Skene Introduction to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 2303Chelsa Burke


Leading Teacher Learning 2906Chris Gonsalvez Recognizing the signs of abuse 2305Mark Jones Dare to Lead #daringclassrooms GWH 208Kimberly Knull Assessment and Evaluation—Supporting Student Learning 2905Tom Stones Foam rolling/mobility training AC 148-Studio CChar Andrew Heart-based Meditation in a Classroom Setting 1328Matt Boisvert Pension vs Transfer GWH162Bill Musselman Name That Voice 2901ASharon Carne Painting Skies in Watercolour 2402FULLChristina Dixon The Hunger Games: That Kid's just looking for Attention 1439Ariel Haubrich 5 Strategies to Immediate Reduce Your Stress 2600Victoria Smith Pulses: from Farm to Table! 2401Debra McLennan The Impact of One Decision GWH 173Amanda Oling From the Calgary Stampede to the Classroom--The keys to Success of Audience Engagement 1600Brett Gardiner Self-Directed Education: Relationships Rule 1437Judy Arnell Indoor Recess Emergency Kit 1503Vincent Mireu Indigenous Content in the new Teaching Quality Standard 2503Brian St Germain Intro to Project Wild and Below Zero 2901 BBeth Townsend Make your own Tipi! 1303Phillip Campiou More than Paint by Numbers: What does it mean to develop Mathematical Competence? 2302Gerry Varty President Schilling: Unplugged 2602FULLJason Schilling Get Singing and Playing: Favorite Singing Games and Mixers 1408Joyce Holoboff Laboratory Skill Performance Assessments 2505Tyler Buchan The Community of Us 2404Satya Das Southern African Drumming for Children GWH161Garth Prinsonsky Critical Creativity with Google 2501Trisha Roffey La techno, j'en mange… et j'emprunte! 2006F MakerspaceMonique Gravel Inclusive Communities through Global Encounters Centre 1435Sarah Flynn Integrating Curriculum while Engaging Students with Voice and Choice! 2304Tia Vandermeer