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Thursday, February 20

9:00am MST

Instructional Leadership to Optimize Student Learning and Staff Development 1439Dr. Tony Rice School Culture: The Power of One 1408Riley Quance Finding Nemo: Tinfoil Art ProjectFILLING 2505Bogdan Konikowski From Grades to Growth: Assessment to Support our Most Vulnerable Students 2302AAC Facilitator (TBA) The Art of Sous Vide CookingFULL Notre Dame Room-1515-Foods LabJeff Lerouge • Richard Toll Addictions-Understanding and Treatment Series Art Centre Mainstage-117Dr Kevin Alderson The difference between who you are and who you want to be….is what you do. 1503Denise Garnick Dances with Decolonization GW Harris Performance GymArt Napoleon Le DELF démystifié 2401Martin Rheaume An Evidence Based Approach to the Prevention of Tobacco and Vaping Use GWH 167Gail Foreman • Aaron Ladd Beating Burnout: Find Out Why Burnout Occurs & How To Stop It! MP Theatre-1400Mandy Gefle Help I'm Having a Panic Attack - Trauma Aware Classroom GWH 208Shelley Dyrland Safe on the Streets 2205Tammy Roger What is it about the #85 & how does it affect my retirement? 2906Patrick Callan Calm Classroom: A Calm Mind Is A Focused Mind 1303Susan Agrios Our World, Our Communities, Our Classrooms: Embracing diverse perspectives 2901 APamela Dos Ramos Finding our way in Indigenous Education 2901 BTerry Lynn Cook What can I contribute to meaningful reconciliation? GWH 177Warren Woytuck Winter is a Time for Stories AC 148-Studio CPhillip Campiou Bringing Books to Life 2601Jamie Hermann Writing 101 2600Robin Pawlak Intro to Teaching Mathematics to Mastery with Maths — No Problem! GWH 162Andy Psarianos Mathematics: All Are Welcome! All Belong! 2503Dave Martin New Strategies and Activities to Help Engage Students and Differentiate Learning (Mathology Gr. 3-4) GWH 161Gerry Varty SHAKE UP YOUR FACT FLUENCY PRACTICE Primary Box Cars Math Games 2602Tarynne Cable La corde à linge à la rescousse des maths, 4e à 8e 2402Renée Michaud Robots In My K-6 Classroom? Absolutely! 2301Janet Bell Band/Music Programs That Pop! 2305Karly Lewis School Sport for ALL! 1600Dr. Doug Gleddie • Dr. Lauren Sulz Congo for the Taking… (Part 1) Leopold’s Congo Free State to ‘Independence’ GWH 173Greg Hunter NOT EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON 2404Sharleen Thornberry E-Liability 2.0: Mitigating Risk in the Digital Age 1435Elissa Corsi Quilt Block SewingFILLING Central Middle SchoolCarly Gibson Meditation & Mindfulness: A Tool for School 2905Tammy Twyne UNDERSTANDING & HELPING THE ANXIOUS STUDENT 2501Tammy Schamuhn Invisible Waste: Air quality lesson plans from TELUS World of Science Edmonton 1328Vanessa Carias Digital PaintingFILLING Hunting Hills-Computer LabTJ Hartel Old School meets new schoolFILLING Hunting Hills-Fabrication RoomMike Owens

10:45am MST

Alberta Teachers' International Cooperation Initiatives: Teachers Raising Teachers 2302Andrea Berg Anyone Can Draw PortraitsFILLING 2505Bogdan Konikowski Writing that Stirs the Heart GWH 167Jaclyn Chute Flip that SMART Board...with SMART Learning Suite Online! (BYOD) 2301Janet Bell The Art Of PlatingFILLING Notre Dame Room-1515-Foods LabJeff Lerouge • Richard Toll The difference between who you are and who you want to be….is what you do. 1503Denise Garnick Two-Spirit Diversity - LGBTQ2, Race, and Gender GW Harris Performance GymJames Makokis & Anthony Johnson Bringing Mindfulness & KINDness Into Your Classroom Art Centre Mainstage-117Susan Agrios Canada’s New Food Guide: Taking it to the Classroom 1437Harrison Blizzard Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement 2600Patti Priestnall Leading Through Story 2503Nancy Luyckfassel LGBT in the Classroom MP Theatre-1400Dr Kevin Alderson Pension vs Transfer 2906Bill Musselman Sexual Health Education for Middle School 2305Karly Lewis Understanding Risk: Enhancing Well-Being in Children & Youth 1408Lorna Muise An Invasive Games Unit: Utilizing a Models Based Teaching Approach 1002 (Main Gym)Jonathan Mauro What does quality thinking look like? GWH 177Warren Woytuck Emotional Intelligence, the Power of Connection 2601Harvey Deutschendorf Inclusive Practices for Any Classroom 1600Katie Mahon Talking with youth in conflict 1435Robert Reid The History & Legacy of Residential Schools 2304Brian St Germain Smudging Circles AC 148-Studio CPhillip Campiou Tales of a Wash-A-Shore 2401Tom Dirsa Save Time and Boost Engagement - Lesson Planning for Your Math Class (Mathology.ca) GWH 161Gerry Varty Solving Word Problems with Maths — No Problem! GWH 162Andy Psarianos TGIF! - Our Favorite Upper Elementary Math Games 2602Tarynne Cable Démystifions l’estimation, 2e à 6e 2402Renée Michaud Fire and Explosions 1439Jason Zackowski Hopes and Dreams: Stories from Young Refugees: Video and Discussion with a former Refugee 2901 APamela Dos Ramos Sleight of Hand Sleight of Mind… the magic behind war propaganda GWH 173Greg Hunter Moose and Meat and Marmalade-a behind the scenes look at Culutural Reconciliation GWH 208Art Napoleon Prophets: Then and now 2205David Bouchard From “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side” 2404Dr. Ron Licht

12:30pm MST

Supervision and Evaluation - What Teachers Need to Know about the New Standards and Evaluation Policy 2601Elissa Corsi The Parent Connection: Bridging the Gap Between Home and School 2305JACQUELINE GANTON Writing to Cope with Teen Trauma and Build Resiliency GWH 167Jaclyn Chute Painting As VAN GOGH!FILLING 2505Bogdan Konikowski Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! Assessing for Big Ideas in a Concept-Based Classroom 2302AAC Facilitator (TBA) Using iPads and Apple tools for student learning and assessment 2503Rachael Stone Builiding Intentional Connections 1437Jackie Tomalty Beeswax Food-wrap MakingFILLING Central Middle SchoolCarly Gibson Addictions-Understanding and Treatment Series GW Harris Performance GymDr Kevin Alderson Dances with Decolonization Art Centre Mainstage-117Art Napoleon Financial Wellness 2906James Gerun The Wellness World Cafe 1408Lorna Muise Build your Toolbox to support a fun, free and flexible club to get students active 1002 (Main Gym)Krista Trim • Ever Active Schools Relax, renew and refocus with Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) AC 146-Studio ASusan Agrios The Power of Play 2501Tammy Schamuhn Benefits of Humane Education for Div 1 and 2 2205Karen Fahrlander What does quality thinking look like? GWH 177Warren Woytuck Tools to help you Plan for the Inclusive Classroom 1503Jennifer Lacourse Starry Night Theatre Performance MP Theatre-1400Wendy Bonertz The "Sixties Scoop": Understanding Implications and Contributing Towards Reconciliation 2901 BTerry Lynn Cook Wahkohtowin -Cree Natural Law AC 148-Studio CPhillip Campiou What Could Go Wrong? The Simple Question Your Students Can Build a Story Around 2600Robin Pawlak Brain Magic: Memory Skills 1328Darren Michalczuk Primary Place Value Games - Box Cars Favorites 2602Tarynne Cable Teaching Fractions with Maths — No Problem! GWH 162Andy Psarianos Parler comme un mathématicien, 5e à 9e 2402Renée Michaud Meet and Greet James Makokis & Antony Johnson ForumJames Makokis & Anthony Johnson Move & Play at Recess 1600Be Fit for Life • Sandra Liberty Bubbles and Bangs 1439Jason Zackowski The Thirty Years War (1989-2019)… the first decade, Bush 1 and Clinton GWH 173Greg Hunter ArtShare Program 2901 APamela Dos Ramos Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship 1435Paul Bohnert Unoffendable! 2304Sharleen Thornberry What really causes depression? 2905Sandy Cai The power of professional curiosity – an Australian/Canadian narrative 2301David Silcock The Art of Pie MakingFILLING Notre Dame Room-1515-Foods LabJeff Lerouge • Richard Toll Practical Gamifcation in the Class 2401Brian Grocholski

2:15pm MST

MINDFITNESS Breaks: Quick Techniques to Create a Calm, Focused & Fit Classroom GW Harris Performance GymSusan Agrios The Principal’s Role in Teacher Induction 2305Dr. Tony Rice Trauma Sensitive Classrooms 2501Mark Jones VIVA ABSTRACTION!LIMITED 2505Bogdan Konikowski Library and Author-Artist Collaborations GWH 167Jaclyn Chute Is This for Marks? Changing the Assessment Culture in a High School Classroom 2302AAC Facilitator (TBA) Interactive Health Education Activities for Grades 7 to 12 1437Dr. Lauren Sulz Belief Re-patterning®: Something Different for Professional Development 1303Suze Casey Beeswax Food-wrap MakingFILLING Central Middle SchoolCarly Gibson Two-Spirit Diversity - LGBTQ2, Race, and Gender Art Centre Mainstage-117James Makokis & Anthony Johnson Animals as Partners in Healing 2601Tammy Schamuhn LGBT in the Classroom GWH 208Dr Kevin Alderson Looking Ahead – By Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers 1439Alberta Retired Teachers' Association Maternity and Parental Leaves, Pay and Benefits 2906James Gerun Social and Emotional Learning in any Classroom, featuring the NEW Social and Emotional Shuffle 1408Ever Active Schools The New Standard for Warming Up:Supporting quality PE through movement skill development, fitness and injury prevention 1002 (Main Gym)Chesa Peter • Carla Van Den Berg Benefits of Humane Education for Div 3 and 4 2205Karen Fahrlander Student Centered Classroom 2503Craig Ward Indigenous Education Resources: Where Do I start? 2304Brian St Germain What can I contribute to meaningful reconciliation? GWH 177Warren Woytuck How to Get Your Students Writing 2600Robin Pawlak Brain Magic Math Facts 1328Darren Michalczuk Linking the Learning - Elementary Domino Games 2602Tarynne Cable Teaching Whole Numbers with Maths — No Problem! GWH 162Andy Psarianos Speed Dating avec les objets de manipulation, M à 3e 2402Renée Michaud Working Collaboratively with your EA to support Inclusive PE 1600Hayley Morrison Students Love My Grade 6-8 Social Studies Projects 1435Paul Bohnert The Thirty Years War (1989-2019)… the Bush 2, Obama and Trump years GWH 173Greg Hunter Harassment and Youth 2901 APamela Dos Ramos Moose and Meat and Marmalade-a behind the scenes look at Culutural Reconciliation MP Theatre-1400Art Napoleon How to survive and to overcome depression? 2905Sandy Cai Relating Science and Spirituality – Why? Should? Can? How? 2404Dr. Ron Licht

3:30pm MST

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